Heute starten wir mit unserer Adventsaktion. Der Kunst geht es nicht so gut in der letzten Zeit, daher hat unser Adventskalender keine 24 sondern nur 3 Türchen. Oder vielleicht mehr. Jeden Sonntag bis Weihnachten präsentieren wir einen Track von nystada. Die Tracks erscheinen auf Bandcamp und sind kostenfrei zu erhalten. Hier das erste Türchen: 

Und hier das zweite:

Und hier das dritte:



Thinking about cycles is like to think about the time. And we have more than only one reason to think on it right now. The first is, because the year comes to his end and a new cycle will start soon. This is the time, when we can think about the time. And what it means. In the Kantian conception of time (we all know it), time appears as a line, as something with a beginning and an end. It is correct for his own theories but usually time is a cycle. Something what begins, comes to a point, ends and begins again. In the Hegelian dialectic a process begins again, after it becomes a synthesis it swipes and is a thesis again. Like a cycle. But I am not a Hegelian. 

Let us think on time and the meaning of time. And let us listen to Cycles. 


We are happy to present three cycles by nystada. Today the first one. On Bandcamp for free:   

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