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Maruyama Masao said that democracy is not the state of “being” but the state of “doing.” It is also not an empty phrase to say that we must always fight for freedom, for democracy (however we may understand it). And here nystada picks up. With his question about the usefulness of politics. Or about whether politics benefit anyone at all. And if so, to whom. Two little tracks. For the summer. And for thinking. About the benefit. And maybe about Mills (and his philosophy). But that remains a secret. Like nystadas music. We proudly present two latest tracks by nystada. 

nystada is a Hamburg-based artist and electronic musician. He is also a member of the Zenvampires Collective.

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Blurred Edges

blurred edges

The blurred edges festival already started a few days ago (but time is an individual sensation of man and not really existent in physics, so we are neither too late nor too early). And lasts until 18.06.2023. In Hamburg. Should we go (it looks interesting) we will of course report. More details you will find here.



I don’t want to write now about Yaeji combining different styles in her music. That she also combines different influences. She certainly does that. She was also introduced at the Boiler Room Concert as a DJ, musician, and designer. She is all of that. But the term “combine” makes us think of demarcations. Of styles perhaps standing finely demarcated from one another. That cultures, professions, and opinions do not influence each other. That is an old, structuralist dream. It still exists (I recently listened to an interview with a modernist philosopher who just missed such a world). But the dream of a modernist philosopher does not matter for reality.
The music plays a role.
Yaeji I discovered rather… by chance. A member of our collective heard her in 2020, but she stayed. Not the combination of styles. But the place that the combination represents. Because I don’t want to sound too philosophical here, it’s the places that are created by the combinations. They are places that we enter culturally, musically, and artistically. And travel from one to the other. And let them have an effect on us. And that’s how Yaeji is. With her first album. More about it: here (external link).



by nystada

We proudly present Drones by nystada. 

Drone describes a style of music. On the one hand. On the other hand, Drone is also the way someone can see the world through minimalism. Not only music. But also the access to the world. A… Reflection, a meditation. A thought. And maybe much more. The Europeans would speak of metaphysics. But we speak simply of the world of which we are a part. Drones. They must be heard without thoughts, without theories. Then the broad view of the world and of us opens.

nystada is a Hamburg-based artist and electronic musician. He is also a member of the Zenvampires Collective.

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apc again
drone better
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Winter Discussions

Winter Discussions

Because we don’t remember the seasons so much, but we remember disagreements, quarrels, and discussions. These define what we call time. And seasons are essential for food. Emotions, however, for the soul. And that’s why emotional time is different. We have winter.

We proudly present a new track by our friend, Yuki K.  It´s… we would say, jazzy… but… find it out… here (external link, which leads you to bandcamp):

My Generation

A Christmas gift. From us. By Sopocki

We are proud to present you with the track “My Generation” by Sopocki. Sopocki is a young DJ, he lives in Sopot (maybe not right now) in Poland.

Sometimes it is the tension that makes a work or a track interesting. In his first track, Sopocki created tension between the fast beat and the voice (no singing, so no fear). In doing so, he breaks the boundaries of trance. And at the same time combines the “classic” beat with the modern point of view. Art? Definitely. A little Christmas present from us.

You can find the track (but also others) here (external link to Soundcloud):

Blackest. Ever.

Blackest ever Black

Honestly, I cannot remember when I heard about them for the first time. It must be ten or eleven years ago. Or maybe longer. But I can remember, I read it is the best music level at that time. And I can remember that as I recommended Blackest ever Black to a friend, he asked me why the whole label was not a band. Yeah. Why the label? Let us see. 

1. The color

Of course. What means „black“? We can start the discussion now, on what black means in western culture and how we can read it, and what we can think about it. But at this moment we don`t have a cultural discussion here but try to describe a music level specialized in electronic music. So… color plays a role. Obviously.

2. The music

The music is something magical. Maybe something we shouldn’t really write about. I can remember that I then forgot about the label for a few years. It must have been two or three years later when I rediscovered it. It was just one band, but it was very important. And not only for me. Maybe it gave the feeling of the 2010s again. For sure. And what were they like? Black. And another thing… but I don’t want to describe that. It’s better when you listen to it. 

3. The label

Well, the label no longer exists. And we have never reported about it. But you know: time doesn’t play such an important role for us. So. Blackest ever Black. Immerse yourselves in it. 

You can find the label on Bandcamp here. And here is the whole catalog (external links).

Enjoy this autumn music.

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams

Derrida once said that ghosts live in phone calls. That when we are called, or watch a movie, we can then encounter a ghost. But when we dream, the spirits are there to touch. Like the dream from last summer. Or of the one that is to come. Or of the perfect summer that we are experiencing now.


We proudly present a new track by Yuki K. Summer Dreams. Here (external link):

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