Metafizyczna Portfolio

Zenvampires presents

Metafizyczna Portfolio
by Mariusz Olszewski

Metafizyczna Portfolio

Pics ©by Mariusz Olszewski

Metaphysics describes what is behind physics. A term that has arisen rather accidentally. A term that can also describe our humanity. Postmodernism has reconstructed metaphysics. But at the same time, it does not want to abolish metaphysics. On the contrary, postmodernism has strengthened metaphysical reflections and discourses.
Mariusz Olszewski shows objects in his photographs. And the metaphysics behind the objects. A method reminiscent of Husserl, but even more so in a poetic way of Graham Harman. Perhaps not of the quadruple object. But of the object itself.

We are pleased to show an excerpt from his  Metafizyczna Portfolio by Mariusz Olszewski here. We have already shown some of the works herehere, and here.

Mariusz Olszewski, born in 1961, a graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, now lives in Lodz. For years associated with Galeria Wschodnia in Lodz. Artist, exhibitions in Poland, Europe, and New York. Collaboration on documentary films on the subject of art. Works include concrete poetry, installation, and photography.

Hamburg Calling II

Is it possible to photograph a landscape in motion? I have no idea, but I think, it wasn’t really Paul Virilio, who asked it. But in fact, an accelerationistic question. Let us see.

A series ©by Max Dogin and Aga Tar

Ausländerin 2
Ausländerin 3
Freiheit, Gleichheit, Fahrrad

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