Nonhuman Metyphysics

Nonhuman Metaphysics


The experiment means that limits are explored. The limits of human action or the limits of what is possible. Perhaps also the limits of art. But limits do not necessarily mean setting out into something new. This is a modernist idea of the 19th century (perhaps some countries that are good at making diesel engines are afraid of technology, they still think they are in the 19th century). 

We are not concerned with limits at all. It’s about what experimentation might mean. It’s about exploring the new. And the joy of development. 


It is not a new development that computers help people to produce music. Especially in electronic music, which is created entirely with the help of computers. Perhaps it is also nothing new that artificial intelligence helps in the production of music. The question that remains unanswered is always how deeply AI intervenes in the production process. If music is programmed, as in our case, the AI can create tracks. In our case, it was not. But the AI has already done a lot of work on some of the tracks. In this case, it has also become part of the Zenvampires Collective. 


Metaphysics has taken on different meanings over time. We will not discuss the term at this point. But if AI intervenes so deeply in the manufacturing process, it can also determine our metaphysics. It influences how we perceive music. It is still a metaphysics of metaphysics (AI learns from humans, it is the overall knowledge of humanity and therefore cannot be better than humans). The question is what happens when we enter the world of nonhuman metaphysics? Here is the first step. 

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Nonhuman Metaphysics

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