About an exhibition. And Latour. And Cassirer. And about the world.

We misuse our idea of time. Says Bruno Latour. We, the modern people. Using it as a line, ancient times appears like… ancient. Very far from now. In the past. But the past has influence on the present. Even the ancient one. I saw it at an exhibition.

I can not remember where, but I’m sure, MoMA in NYC made an exhibition, where that showed artworks from one year. In our linear idea for example, pop art appears like it came after the abstract period. After the school of Northern Atlantic. But it didn’t. Artists of both directions worked at the same, yeah, time. There were exhibitions with pop art as well as abstract art at same time. But for us it appears quite different. Due to our idea of time.

But how about different countries? We know about the influence of Japanese art at the beginning of the 20. Century. But for us now aborigine art appears not like modern art. Of course, we have some exhibitions. But it’s more like a kind of ethnology than art. It’s kind of “Worldart”. Even it’ll be made today. So it’s modern, not only in terms of “now”.

But how about anxiety? Centre Pompidou made an (attention, external link) exhibition and I asked myself, what was it about. About the influence of ancient art on modern (in terms of modernity) art. I visited it with a friend.

And what we can see there? Ancient art and modern art in the same room. Side by side. And now the question of time. Latour said, we should use a spiral instead. Ancient times appears not so far then. Ant the idea of anxiety will die. And maybe the exhibition show both. Ideas of time. Without willing it. 

And Cassirer? Nothing. I didn’t read him now. I put it in, only to make you read the text. It looks more anthropological.

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