Akuphone. A music label.

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Why should we write about a music label? Why not about an artist, a musician, or a group?
Labels, and I don’t want to start the discussion about “curatorial art” here, we also have that from time to time, labels can control our attention. They influence the music we perceive, and what we listen to, and the cognitive sciences will prove us right here. Labels, especially the independent ones, have a much more important position than the radio (or the lists that are suggested to us by a computer and that we are supposed to listen to in the morning). Labels can also raise awareness of music in general. By presenting music that others do not.
In this way, labels not only play an important role. They have the opportunity to introduce us to music that we haven’t heard before. And Akuphone uses this opportunity.

1. the world

Because it’s big. We are not fans of the term “world music”, even if this term is often used for marketing reasons. What does “world music” mean in Indonesia? U2? From that point of view, why not? On the other hand, the world brings a world perspective to Europe, where we are convinced that we have a culture. And occasionally a civilization.

2. the music

And in the case of Akuphones, this is very diverse. We could say it’s as diverse as the world out there, but we don’t want to say that. Because that would be too flat. What’s much more interesting is that everyone can choose something interesting for themselves from the diverse range of artists. And then listen to it. Or not.

3. the label

In contrast to Blackest Ever Black, the label exists. You can visit it here (external link).

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