On the town. And life. And a writer.

On the town. And life. And a writer.

Sloterdijk argues that the architecture we encounter in our daily lives has a significant impact on us. At first glance, this may seem trivial, but it’s not just about a sense of comfort or well-being. It’s not only the buildings that influence us but also the cities we inhabit. Sloterdijk’s theory suggests that certain architectural designs have the power to shape our thoughts and emotions. I find this concept intriguing because buildings are constructed with a specific purpose or intention in mind.

Cities can serve a purpose beyond being just a place of residence. However, cities have an intricate way of influencing us, as they are shaped by their history, inhabitants, and climate. It can be challenging to capture the climate, especially for artists and writers. Being physically present in the city can help one feel and sense it better. In our case, we are dealing with three cities that form a single agglomeration, each with its unique history, atmosphere, and ideas. The city is not uniform but is instead made up of various stories.

Paweł Huelle was not just a writer who resided and created in Gdansk; he was able to capture and reproduce the spirit of the city in his work. The impact that a city or its buildings can have on people is unique, and some certain buildings and places hold great cultural significance and influence over individuals, even if they are not listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Paweł Huelle’s literary works focused on Tricity, and even though he passed away on 27.11.2023, his books and the spirit he captured remain available to us. His passing is indeed a great loss, and we mourn his absence.

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