You are still there

You are still there after the rain

What is the movie about? There is the classical way of film criticism. It consists of counting the minutes, and the subjects that take up the most time in a movie are the subjects of the movie. I think in this case it would be trees. A movie about trees? But that answers the question. The movie is slow. And maybe we would say, well, yes, Asian cinema is slow per se. But that’s not the point here. It’s also compelling. In the discussion after the screening, we also talked about the fact that the movie had scary parts.

    1. the Boredom

But that’s not what I felt at all. It’s more the way time passes. And anyway, what is time? “The only thing that promises time is a clock” or something like that. One of the lines in the movie. And in general. Sentences. The movie, which shows trees, rain, and the sky, lives from the sentences that are spoken. Even if you’re not allowed to speak. Or are allowed to sit with their backs to each other.

2. philosophy

“To look at art is also to enjoy the space, the air, not just the picture”. Another sentence from the film. But there are many more. And the heat and boredom suddenly become a reflection of life. And about the world. And also about philosophy. And also about philosophy. And it doesn’t matter which. Because it’s about thinking and not about following a direction.

3. plot

What is the movie about? Well. I don’t know. Maybe the heat of summer in Japan. About the old woman and the little girl and all the trees I saw. Or maybe it’s about something else. All I know is that the movie captivated me. And I will think about it for a long time.

They are still there after the rain
By Pan Junhua



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