The Sleepest Story

The Sleepest Story

The key element of this film (was it a film? or perhaps a novel? I am not sure – perhaps simply a moving story) was its protagonist. Much as I tried, however, I could not remember their name. So, I fell asleep again. Woke up after a moment. This time I remembered the name all right. It was strange, but it was there, firmly in my mind. I repeated it over and over again, just for the beauty of the way it would sound. However, I could not remember why I had needed that name in the first place. This made me feel sad. So I got up, looked at the sun that was just rising above the mountains right in front of my hotel room window, and started thinking about a spy thriller plot in which a group of agents go to extremes in their cleverness, skilfulness, and brutality in order to retrieve a medium sized suitcase with nothing but a small electronic device with a secret code on it. Once they got it, however, they could not remember why they had needed it. This made them feel sad, but I did not care anymore. I focused on the view of the snow covered slope I would soon be skiing down. They call it the Wall of the Sleeping Witches and it is said to be the sleepest one around.

©Pics and text by Marek Gajdziński

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