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Haze by Minwen LI

Through metaphysics, we usually understand ideas, theories, and thoughts. Minwen Li shows in her photos that metaphysics is also something tangible. She reduces the term to its original meaning. And shows us the world behind reality. Or next to it. Or reality itself. At the same time, she captures with her camera another aspect that is no less interesting. She shows us that metaphysics, nature, is also mystical. That mysticism lies in the contemplation of nature. Something of which Levy – Bruhl wrote only briefly. Something essential, in my opinion. 

We are glad to show you herewith Minwen’s photos. Photos that show a whole world in the simple form of a flower.

The Photos


The launch of this project began on an ordinary cloudy day in 2021. In addition to taking digital photos, I usually take Polaroid photos. When I was about to go out that day, I found that the flowers in my vase which seemed to be faded reflected on a piece of unused Polaroid photo paper. At that moment, I suddenly felt that the distorted and blurred flowers were so beautiful, and then I took a few photos of the flowers on the Polaroid paper. I simply edited these images and I have the first initial photos of this project. Originally I thought it was just a normal exercise, but after being seen and encouraged by people on social media, I decided to do a series of photos in the same way, and insisted on only shooting the flowers the night before they fade.

The Photographer

Minwen Li

Born in Shaanxi, China in 1997, I started my journey as a student in France in 2017, and later obtained a bachelor degree in information and communication and a master degree in management of cultural institutions.

Although I have never been educated in photography systematically, I have been insisted on catching and recording the details of my emotions as she interacts with myself and the outside world with her small Olympus camera offered by my father in 2019, following my private feelings about beauty.

My main passion focuses on documentary photography, fashion photography, experimental photography and street photography as well. At the moment, I’m working on my personal artistic creation and commercial photography at the same time.

Taking photos with warmth and emotions is my original intention to engage in photography.


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