Can-can (Operetta in Three Acts)

Text ©by Marek Gajdziński
Music by Zenvampires Collective (we mixed a Creative Commons Public Domain File)
Pic not by us but ours. In a certain sense. By DALL·E.

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Act 1

Can you can-can?

I beg your pardon?

Can you do the can-can?

Can I do what?

Can-can. A dance. Have you seen Orphée aux Enfers?

About orphans? Wasn’t it Les Misérables?

No, about Orpheus. A musical by Offenbach. Orpheus in the Underworld was the title.

And what about it?

There was a piece in it, called “Can-can Infernal”. You know, high kicks, skirts, and petticoats waving, pussy flashing. Can you do that?

No, I can’t. Can you?


Act 2

Can you can a can?

Yes, you can.

No, I mean you. Can you can a can?

Why shouldn’t I?

But can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

No, I cunt.

You cunt?

No, you cunt.


Act 3

It was the galop.


The galop. Not the can-can.

What do you mean? Where?

And it was not a musical. It was an operetta.

Which one?

Orphée aux Enfers.

Was it?

And the piece was called “Galop Infernal” by Offenbach.


Yes, the galop. Not the can-can.

Who cares?


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