Then We Will See

Then We Will See

©text and pic by Marek Gajdziński

Why, if she finally manages to find ‘her’ slope, a really good one, with perfect skiing conditions and all, why doesn’t she then miss other slopes? In the sense that she goes down again and again and is always eager to do another round. And when we tell her that come on, let’s better go check what’s happening on other pistes and slopes, because they are probably in good conditions too, maybe even better, perhaps a bit blacker, who knows, she keeps skeptical, refuses. How come, we wonder, that you, usually so restless, so curious, always looking for something new, how come you’re not bored by this repetition? Repetition my ass, she says, what repetition? We stare at her speechless, flabbergasted. You can’t go down the same slope twice, she explains, calmly. Just like you can’t enter the same dragon twice, leave the same opera show, love the same person. Now, the question is, she hears herself saying to us from the distance, as she starts her hundredth round in a row, can you watch the same movie twice?

Let’s film her, someone says, pulling out a phone. Then we’ll see.

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