Kaleab Lemma

Zenvampires presents

Kaleab Lemma

Today we are proud to present an artist from Ethiopia. 
At first glance, they are works in different styles. But that is the first glance. At second glance, we realize that Kaleab is communicating with us in a meta-position. He combines the traditional art of Ethiopia with modern language in a skillful and beautiful way. And at the same time he shows something that has become very rare in art. Or perhaps something that only becomes clear through art. It shows that culture is universal. That we humans have something in common. That is what distinguishes Kaleab’s art. 

All pics ©by Kaleab Lemma


Kaleab Lemma, a 26- year-old artist originating from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Kaleab’s projects reflect his surroundings, serving as a means of profound self- expression. With the aspiration to capture the inherent beauty in his environment, Kaleab hopes to create art that goes beyond the visual, aiming to resonate with people on a deeper, emotional level.

In their artistic venture, the individual breathes life into canvas using the traditional Ethiopian dress (picture 3) known as ‘Habesha Kemis’. By blending the timeless beauty of the cultural attire with abstract techniques, they seek to immortalize and showcase the richness of Ethiopia. Amidst the encroachment of modern fashion, their art serves as an unspoken ambassador, inviting viewers to appreciate and celebrate the unique heritage of Ethiopia.

Passion is channeled into the creation of art that expresses profound emotions. Today, there is excitement as a uniquely crafted piece is shared, embodying the essence of their creativity, and allowing viewers to delve into the depths of their artistic fervor.

Currently engaged in various art projects, the individual’s ambition is to serve a broader audience, inspire through their artistic creations, and infuse a cultural touch. With the goal of enhancing the World beauty and grace, this aspire to promote Ethiopia in a distinctive way, showcasing art that has never been explored before.

Here you will find the e-mail address of Kaleab as well as a short description of his arts. 

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