Morning Coffee Incident

Pictures at the Reality Exhibition: Morning Coffee Incident

Date and time of the incident: 26/3/2023, early morning. Not sure about the exact time, there was a daylight saving time change during the night.

Main actors: a wall (white), induction cooker (black, German; if you think about “East Coker”, a village in Somerset or the title of the second part of TS Eliot’s poem “Four Quartets”, I’m not sure if there is any meaningful connection), kettle (silver, from Cheap Kettle Deals), cooking pot (silver, Norwegian), coffee maker (red/silver, Italian), milk pot (silver, Polish), shirt (white, made in Taiwan), human being (light brown, no further data available).

Speculations: The incident might be somehow connected with an episode of the second season of the TV series Fauda about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or, more specifically, what is referred to as the 2014 Israel – Gaza conflict. The plot of the second season is mostly driven by Al-Maqdisi’s seeking revenge for the killing of Sheikh Awadalla, his father and a Palestinian spiritual leader. The episode was watched shortly before the summer time switch in Europe.

©Pics and text by Marek Gajdziński

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