Jesus in the Wheat Field

Jesus in the Wheat Field

Text ©by Marek Gajdziński
Pics kindly created by DALL·E

Where did you get that from, asked Kasia.

She was pointing her finger at a painting hanging on the hallway wall, close to the restroom.

Wow, said Adam, this is superb.

Frankly speaking, I said, I don’t remember.

It was as if the painting had always been with me. It depicted Jesus with several of his disciples walking through a field overgrown with tall wheat. Fairly realistically rendered figures, exaggerated colours, a typical folk devotional painting. I have always admired its close-to-perfect cheesiness.

This paining has always been there, said Michal.

As far as his perspective is concerned, he’s absolutely right, I thought. When he was born, the painting had already been there,

You’re so lucky, said Kasia to Michal, having it around all the time.

Yes, I like that painting, said Michal, especially for Astra being in it.

What do you mean, asked Adam, Astra is in the painting? Where?

There, said Michal, indicating some spot within the field.

Where, said Kasia, there’s nothing there.  

Astra’s there alright, said Michal, and if you cannot see her, it’s because of the tall grass.

Astra wagged her tail happily as soon as it donned on her that we had been talking about her.

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