Quite unexpectedly, the need for a new film list has arisen, a list of Mirinda’s favourite feature films. Up until now she’s shown some interest in videos made especially for her kin, such as the ones offered by PetFlix, but at the feature films that I enjoy watching she would look the way a drunken passenger might glance at the emptiness of the High Plains, on a rainy autumn evening, from a window of a rocking stagecoach, moments before falling asleep, in a low budget western. Well, she would notice that something is going on there, on the screen, that is, moving to and fro, but she wouldn’t give a shit, shot, whatever. Piaskowska and Skolimowski’s film EO has changed everything. As if some kind of a spirit possessed Mirinda, when she first saw that donkey, she couldn’t take her eyes off the animal until the very end, about an hour and a half later. Consequently, I’ve put EO on her Favourite Feature Film List and now looking forward to the sequel.


  1. EO (2022) is a road drama written by Ewa Piaskowska and Jerzy Skolimowski, directed by Skolimowski. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, winning the Jury Prize, and has been nominated for the Academy Award (Best International Feature Film). The plot that follows a donkey on its journey from a circus to a slaughterhouse across contemporary Poland and then Europe has allegedly been inspired by Au hasard Balthazar, a 1966 film by Robert Bresson.
  2. Mirinda is a cat. Her twin sister, being pitch-black, was first named Guinness by us. In line with that, another drink and her tortoiseshell coat earned Mirinda her name.
©by Marek Gajdziński
Pic by DALL·E.

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